Xena #3 IF006-23

Rescued09 Feb, 2023
Date of Birth*13 Feb, 2022
ColourBlack and White
NicknamesZ, Xenie
*Dates of birth are usually estimates.

Physical Description

Tuxedo kitty, equal parts white to black, beautiful ember eyes.

Known History & Temperament

We do not know of her previous history but she has the most beautiful gentle nature, very gentle but also very playful and affectionate.

Cattitude Level

  • Totally chill, not bovvered
  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Affectionate as heck – prefers cuddles to anything else
  • Crazy and entertaining – a laugh a minute!

Interests and Hobbies

Loves food, however she is picky about the type! Loves playing with other cats, chattering at birds and bugs, zoomies and playing with toys!


She is very easy going and just doesn’t like being locked away in her room where she can’t be around you

Purrfect Home

Can be suited to most home environments, preferably someone who is home a lot and has a feline friend for her to play with and lots of running space.

Health Notes

Xena has no known health issues and appears to be perfectly healthy and happy.