Would you like to know the different ways you can help Impound Feline Rescue care for our kitties, and help new kitties in need? Here is a list!

Events & Fundraising

Check out our Events tab on Facebook to see what events we have coming up or happening right now. If you would like to help us run or plan an event, please send us a message on Facebook or an email (see Contact Us). Community support for our events and fundraisers is invaluable to us.


Check out the Donate page on our website for information on making a donation (all donations $2.00 and above are tax deductible). Alternately, if you would like to ask about donating directly to our accounts at an affiliated vet clinic, contact us!

Sponsor a Kitty

Visit the Sponsor a cat page on our website for information on how you can donate toward a particular cat in our care – donations via sponsorship reduce a cat’s adoption fee to help promote adoption.

Foster a Cat!

If you are not able to help us with any of the above, but are interested in having kitty company without the long-term commitment (and helping us out at the same time!), visit the Foster page on our website and complete the Foster Carer Application Form.

Like & Share on Social Media

Finally, if you’re not able to help us out with any of the above, we appreciate every ‘like’ and share of our posts on Facebook (and Instagram!). We also have a YouTube account where we are sharing more and more adorable kitty videos!