Tux and Misha – foster care needed


While we do already have other cats we’ve been trying to move to new foster homes for a while, we still need to contend with new cats coming into the pound as well. These two lovelies are in there at present and need foster care.

The little tuxedo guy is about 6 months old, super friendly and playful and has possible adoption interest already – so he may not stay in foster care very long!

The second kitty is a beautiful light grey tabby who has been surrendered. She left her home about 6 months ago as she doesn’t get on with her daughter who is now an adult. Often mum cats really don’t like having their adult ‘kittens’ hanging around, so everyone agrees this pretty girl would be happier in a new home. She is friendly and loves pats (but needs a bigger bed as she wanted to roll around and this one is just too small!).

Let us know if you are able to help with fostering either of these two sweethearts 🥰 We have also asked amongst our existing foster carer pool but just in case we can’t find any spots, we are posting publicly too.