As we’ve mentioned before, we don’t usually have “forever fosters”, because we can’t afford to support foster cats endlessly when they are healthy and purrfectly adoptable. But Wilma is one case where being a forever foster is the best option for her.

Wilma’s age is recorded at just over 13 years, but we actually think she’s about 17 (and a bit). She doesn’t do much with her days, just lazes around looking (and acting, according to her foster carer) cranky … while occasionally seeking out a snuggle. She isn’t that great with her litter tray, but she is loved and appreciated for who she is.

That’s why Wilma is staying put, and we are enjoying the occasional updates we get about Her Crankiness, when she deigns to let the camera get in her face. 🖤🧡

Here we are sharing some photos of Wilma during her time in foster care at past/present homes.