Smudge #1

Words from Smudge’s adopter:

In 2013, I lost my beautiful 3 legged baby Snowbell to cancer. She was my soul kitty and so young at only 8 years old. This devastated the entire family. It devastated me especially as Snowbell would sleep in my arms every night, Summer or winter.

In 2015 whilst scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post by an old school friend of this beautiful cat. I commented and scrolled past the photo. But then found myself going back many times to look at the photo again. I looked into the cats eyes and just knew that she was my new soul kitty.

I contacted IFR and after some communication I decided to go and meet Smudge. We live two hours from Perth, so it was a three hour drive to meet her.

Smudge’s beautiful foster mum (Karris) handed Smudge to me. Smudge turned to look at me and gave me a little head bump. I was in love with this beautiful girl. There was no way that I was going home without her.

I love my beautiful girl. I am so grateful to Karris for rescuing her off death row at the pound.

After having Smudge for a few months, I realised that she was lonely. So I asked her foster mum for advice on what sort of temperament I should look for in a friend for Smudge. Enter Felix (rescued from a farm).

They are now inseparable. We love them both to bits.

Awesome rescue run by amazing volunteers.❤️❤️❤️