Nellie (Penelope)

Penelope was nicknamed ‘Eyebrows’ when first in the pound, due to her unique facial markings. She arrived in foster care about to pop, and soon gave birth to five beautiful babies. The babies all found homes quickly, and it was Penelope’s turn next.

From Penelope’s adopter:

My old cat died of old age in October 2017 (at the age of 20) and I really missed having a cat in the house. I work with the sister of Nellie’s foster carer, and she suggested I adopt one of the cats in her care. I chose Nellie because she was being a bit picked on by a couple of the other foster cats in the house, and I felt sorry for her. We thought being an only pet might suit her better.

After a shy start, she has loved being an only ‘child’! She was very fearful of my large 16 y.o son to start with, but she’s warmed to him now and loves to rub up against him and purr. She is very affectionate and sweet, but also a complete sticky beak, wanting to get into everything to see what might be there.

I have a friend called ‘Penny’, and so that’s why we changed Penelope’s name to ‘Nellie’. We call her ‘Nosy Nellie’ at times!