Maisie May (Enya)

A letter to Maisie from her foster carers:

Goodbyes were hard but memories are forever.
To our first foster girl, Maisie May

You completely took over our home and hearts and the dogs’ beds. Fearless and free from your cage, you settled in with a deepness of love for everyone you met. Not even the dogs knew what to do, you loved them with force.

We were naughty foster carers letting you out into our backyard but you were relentless and considering you had never been outside in your life, you were worth breaking the rules for.

Not even 2 months we had you but from day one we loved you and think you loved us too. You knew something was wrong. We are just so happy we had you and gave you everything we could in such a short time.

You will always be in all of our hearts, not just my family but everyone you met, IFR team, vets.

Forever Maisie May