Words from Link’s adopter:

Finally, after constantly nagging for a second cat, my partner said yes! So I jumped on that and started searching the internet for our next kitty companion. Link’s picture was one of the first I saw and I knew he was the one from the get go! After hours of browsing, I kept going back and just knew it had to be him. He’s now spoilt rotten and purrs super loud if you even look in his direction. I still can’t walk past him 2 years later without obsessing at his cuteness. He goes by the names ‘Monkey’, ‘Monster’ or ‘Little Buddy’, he’s not too fazed, as long as the tap gets turned on for drinks, the biscuit bowl is always filled, and he gets treats when he jumps on the laundry bench.

He is a character, one of a kind, and more than just a cat in our family.

Thank you IFR for saving my little monster from the streets and giving him a second chance at life.