Clary – a story

Words from Clary’s adopter:

We adopted Clary in 2020 after I fell in love with her despite her spicy side. She was a foster at the cattery I work at and had been waiting a long time with a few failed adoption trials. She was said to be too rough with children and didn’t like other animals. It is true that she needed some time to decompress and understand that she was part of the family and we weren’t going to give her up.

Not long after adopting Clary I learned that I was pregnant! We were certainly nervous as Clary had a reputation for not liking kids, but we weren’t willing to put her back into the rescue system. As my pregnancy progressed she would climb up onto my belly and purr, and was extremely respectful when baby Rex came along!

2 years after her adoption she is getting along with a little feline sister and tolerating her 1 year old human brother. Her favourite things are snuggling under the blanket and on her bed up on top of the fridge. She is a completely different cat to the one that we adopted, totally confident in her place in the family. We love her endlessly and are so grateful we have her a chance.