“My beautiful cat haven rescue cat Freebie passed away in March this year. I got her as an adult cat in 2003 and was never sure of her exact age but she gave me over 16 years of love. I couldn’t imagine my life without a feline companion so I started looking for a mature cat that needed a furever home.

I had been following IFR on Facebook for a few years so I looked through some of their profiles. I saw Bondi’s profile and immediately fell in love with him. After the first meet & greet I knew I wanted to adopt him.

I was having house renovations done at the time and Bondi’s foster mum Mattel was happy to keep him in her care for another 6 weeks. I visited him on a regular basis until the renovations were completed and then I took him home.

Bondi didn’t take long to settle in to his new home and give me lots of attention and cuddles. After some very careful introductions, Bondi finally made friends with my dog Utu, all on Bondi’s terms of course!”