Arnold #2

Words from Arnold’s foster carer:

An open letter to my foster cat… (15th August, 2016)

“Dear Arnie… aka “Ginger Bat”…aka Usain Bolt…

Sometimes I think you are THE WORST cat. Like when you escape out the sliding doors into the night and attack my actual cat, and then I have to entice you over with an open tin of tuna and then carry you by the scruff of the neck back inside. Other times I think you’re the funniest cat known to humankind. Other times I KNOW you’re hilarious and I am literally out of breath from laughing at your antics. And then there are the times when I really truly resent you controlling my entire life. 😉 Damn cat.

Whoever adopts you will be very lucky indeed – and I will be very grateful to them for giving me my life back. I WILL miss you, and life will feel very empty. But suddenly I will have more time on my hands, as I won’t have to continuously put you in time out while I manoeuvre other cats, etc. So yes, I will be sad to see you go, but I’ll be so very relieved as well. My cats will be grateful also as they will be able to come inside whenever they want.

Arnie, you cheeko roll, don’t ever stop being you! Because then life would be boring and all predictable and stuff. And who would want to adopt a ginger NON bat-out-of-hell crazy cat?

Lots of love,
Your foster mum.”