• Simba #2 ~ adoption update

    Simba #2 ~ adoption update

    We got an update on Simba from his adoptive mum the other day. Here’s what she had to say: As I am not Facebook affiliated I am emailing to advise on Simba’s 12 month journey with me. Simba is well and thriving. The upheaval initially impacted on his insecurities and with love, tolerance and time…


  • Delyth – at the Rainbow Bridge

    Delyth – at the Rainbow Bridge

    🌈 A hello and a goodbye 🌈 Late last week, we took a cat out of the pound who reportedly had a large cyst on her stomach. The closer we looked, the more sinister it seemed, and sure enough when we got Delyth to the vet, the cyst turned out to be cancer. It was…


  • Mr Winehouse – at the Rainbow Bridge

    Mr Winehouse – at the Rainbow Bridge

    MR WINEHOUSE We are heartbroken to report that one of our most beloved adopted kitties, Mr Winehouse, as crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week. Mr Winehouse had quite the journey from the pound (see the first photo above) to his foster home where he only started to act less feral when he was allowed near…


  • Ruby – at the Rainbow Bridge

    Ruby – at the Rainbow Bridge

    RUBY Sadly, we have to report that our senior girl Ruby passed away a couple of days ago. Her foster carers noticed she wasn’t acting herself, and then suddenly she wasn’t able to use her back legs. She was rushed to the vet where it was discovered that she had suffered a stroke. The kindest…


  • Wilma


    As we’ve mentioned before, we don’t usually have “forever fosters”, because we can’t afford to support foster cats endlessly when they are healthy and purrfectly adoptable. But Wilma is one case where being a forever foster is the best option for her. Wilma’s age is recorded at just over 13 years, but we actually think…


  • Colin


    This little guy first arrived in our care at the age of around 5 months, in 2017. He was originally trapped at a car wrecking yard approximately one year ago. We eventually found out that he has a diaphragmatic hernia which most likely resulted from some sort of trauma prior to rescue. This condition means…


  • Nellie (Penelope)

    Nellie (Penelope)

    Penelope was nicknamed ‘Eyebrows’ when first in the pound, due to her unique facial markings. She arrived in foster care about to pop, and soon gave birth to five beautiful babies. The babies all found homes quickly, and it was Penelope’s turn next. From Penelope’s adopter: My old cat died of old age in October…


  • Mickey – a story

    Mickey – a story

    From Mickey’s foster carer: We had an emergency situation where kittens needed foster care quickly – with nobody else available I put up my hand (perils of being an admin of a rescue! You end up taking fosters you don’t really have room for, at short notice). I got four kittens delivered at the same…


  • Big Boy

    Big Boy

    Words from Big Boy’s foster carer: “I’ve had cats all my life. Some might say that cats are my life. The relationship between a human and their cat is very special. But every now and then a ‘different’ cat comes into your world. A cat who you’re sure was human in a past life and…


  • Dante


    Dante was a beautiful black boy who came to the rescue as an ex-abused cat. He had been kicked around and used as a “play thing” for his former family’s dog. You could tell that he didn’t trust, and biting was a way of defending himself. He was also desperate about food, biting and scratching…