Stewie IF026-24

Rescued08 May, 2024
Date of Birth*15 Oct, 2023
Adoption Fee$210.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Stewie is an all black, medium haired boy who is best described as liquid velvet.

Known History & Temperament

Stewie cake into foster from a vet clinic and is steralised and vaccinated. He is a super cuddly, very playful, food motivated, curious boy, hence his nickname Loki! Stewie is great with other cats and would probably get on well with all manner of other pet animals as he is very gentle and a big softie. Stewie is happy to be carried and actually likes his tummy tickled.

Cattitude Level

  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Affectionate as heck – prefers cuddles to anything else

Interests and Hobbies

Stewie loves balls, string toys, curling up in your clothes, playing with other pets and getting into mischief. He also likes watching TV with you.


We haven’t seen anything that he dislikes yet although he’s not super keen on liver treats, he’ll eat then if there’s nothing else.

Purrfect Home

An active home with plenty of company, be that children, other pets or pet active adults. Stewie will entertain himself but lives to be played with.

Health Notes

Nothing of note identified.