Smokie IF049-23

Rescued09 Jun, 2023
Date of Birth*21 Jan, 2020
StatusOn Hold
NicknamesItty Bitty Pretty Little One
Adoption Fee$190.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Smokie is a female silky grey domestic medium hair with a teeny little white bib. She is small and was initially thought to be only 6-8 months old, but the vet says from her teeth she most likely 3-4years old.

Known History & Temperament

Smokie was found hanging around a complex in Mt Lawley, where everyone thought she belonged to someone else. Once it had been established that she was a stray, she was taken to a vet for a microchip check, but no chip was located

She has quite a fierce expression which can often make it seem as if she is judging you, otherwise she can look a bit sad.

She is most definitely a people cat and loves nothing more than sitting on or near her carer. She prefers to sit on her so that she can get snuggles, and loves to settle with her head under the carers chin. Once settled, she can be quite industrious, churning out biscuits galore when the mood takes her.

She knows which are her food bowls, and only eats out of those leaving all other cat dishes alone. She recognises her feed times and if there is a delay, she won’t hesitate to let her carer know, but does so quite politely. She most definitely has cattitude!!

Cattitude Level

  • Totally chill, not bovvered
  • Affectionate as heck – prefers cuddles to anything else

Interests and Hobbies

Snuggles. Smokie loves snuggles.

She is getting used to being brushed, and loves the brush on her bib.

She does occasionally play with interactive toys such as the spinning butterfly or the tri tower, but with the other cats around she doesn’t always play for very long. This may change is she is in house with no other cats.

She would love to sleep on the bed with her human(s).


Smokie is a people cat, not a cat’s cat. Whilst she is OK with the resident house cat, she doesn’t like the other foster, although things may be improving slightly.

She does not like being picked up

Purrfect Home

She would probably be best as an only cat, ideally with a couple who can share snuggle duties.

She has been fine on her own overnight, and so could be left alone during the day.

Health Notes

Smokie has had some dental work, and whilst she is OK now, she may require some more work in the future.