Smokey #2 IF008-23

Rescued17 Feb, 2023
Date of Birth*10 Dec, 2022
Adoption Fee$250.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Smokey is a light grey tabby girl with thin features. She and her brother are both long and slender kittens with soft well kept fur.

Known History & Temperament

This duo was found together in Perth. This means they love playing together (including a little play fighting). They both love to sleep on the bed at night and Smokey has really taken to sleeping as close to someone as she can get, often purring through the night.

Cattitude Level

  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Loves snuggle time, but also ‘alone’ time
  • Scared and shy – prefers cats to people
  • Crazy and entertaining – a laugh a minute!

Interests and Hobbies

These guys are a bundle of cuteness with a hint of weird crazy. If you put a string toy in front of them you won’t stop laughing from their extravagant efforts to catch their ‘prey’. Their carer often catches them just lounging around having naps or watching out the window at everything happening. Smokey and Bandit’s antics when playing are just the funniest cutest thing you will see all day.


These two are still a bit timid and unsure of people when they are standing but have slowly but surely gotten so much better since they’ve been in care, their carer fully believes that with time they will be so happy and calm around people. Their carer is unsure about their temperament with dogs or children, they aren’t overly bothered by loud noises.

Purrfect Home

We are seeking a home for Smokey and her brother Bandit together.

Their foster carer thinks they would be suited to a large place, with lots of area to run and play. They would be alright with a full time working household. Their behaviour with children or animals other than each other isn’t well know at this time.

Health Notes

These two are a great pair together and would benefit from having a quiet place to adjust while running and playing.