Sebastian #2 IF020-21

Rescued4 Jun, 2021
Date of Birth*TBA
Adoption Fee$99.00
Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Sebastian #2 is a shiny black cat with a rather magnificent medium-haired coat. Unfortunately we don’t have any pics of him so far, because he is wary of his foster carer after past trauma of going to the vet.

Known History & Temperament

Unfortunately, Sebastian doesn’t trust his current lovely foster carer because of the trauma of his early days in foster care (he did NOT appreciate having to go back to the vet so soon after his arrival in care).

He has warmed up to other people while in foster care and enjoys pats from those people he trusts. He just remains scared of his foster mum because of his bad memories.

It’s likely that Sebastian will start out shy and scared in a new home, so will best be kept in a space of his own with hiding spots while he adapts.

Interests and Hobbies



Sebastian dislikes his bad memories of early-days vet visits.

Purrfect Home

We feel that Sebastian would do well in a foster home or forever home where he doesn’t associate his past bad moments with the person who is his main caretaker. If you would be interested in fostering or adopting, please do get in touch!

Health Notes

Sebastian had cryptorchidism where his testicles were not fully descended, so he had to have an operation to locate them.