Sandy #2 – welcome

This sweetheart is 10-year-old Sandy and sadly her owner can’t take her back. She was already sterilised and chipped when she arrived in the pound, and is just getting over a bout of cat flu. We got her straight to Challenger Vet and she was tended to there overnight, before going into emergency care the next day.

We need a permanent foster carer or a forever home for this sweet older lady!

Sandy is super friendly – she even purred up a storm at the vet where many cats are too nervous to purr. She just wants lots of love and a warm bed.

Because of her recent flu bout, it’s best if she’s kept separate from other cats to start after moving to a new home. Of course, if your cat is vaccinated against flu, that’s even better! Or she is happy to be an only cat.

Speaking of vaccinations though, she is still pending her first vaccination. We’re just waiting for her to recover entirely from her flu symptoms.

If you can help, even short term, PLEASE let us know 🙂