Ringo & Willow #3 – welcome

🧡 RINGO & WILLOW #3 🧡 – welcome

This month we’ve welcomed some new kitties, and here is some info about them.


RINGO got his name because of that little white ring on his black tail! He was very scared in the pound, but we were told that “as soon as we got in the car at the pound, he calmed down straight away and sat at the front of the carrier all the way to [the vet]. He was fine when we got him out.”

Ringo has had a bit of a rough trot, and had a rather beaten up face and neck. His SNAP test came back negative. His claws were quite shredded, possibly from trying to escape the trap he ended up in, and he was given some meds to treat infection, just to be on the safe side.


WILLOW the third is very sweet, and estimated to be about 18 months old. During her initial emergency care stint, her carer said: “She is an absolute sweetheart, no bother at all. She just sits quietly in her crate watching my crazy lot. She’s had a few runarounds in the catrun but seems quite content in her little bed. She purrs up a storm when I give her pats. And her face is just adorable 😊

Since moving to more permanent foster care, she has been quite shy and hiding away, but we are sure she will come out of her shell given time and space.