• Arthur #2 IF053-22

    Arthur #2 IF053-22

    ID IF036-22 Rescued 22 Nov, 2022 Date of Birth* 23 Nov, 2017 Sex Male Colour Tabby Status Rainbow Bridge *Most dates of birth are estimates


  • Delyth – at the Rainbow Bridge

    Delyth – at the Rainbow Bridge

    🌈 A hello and a goodbye 🌈 Late last week, we took a cat out of the pound who reportedly had a large cyst on her stomach. The closer we looked, the more sinister it seemed, and sure enough when we got Delyth to the vet, the cyst turned out to be cancer. It was …


  • Mr Winehouse – at the Rainbow Bridge

    Mr Winehouse – at the Rainbow Bridge

    MR WINEHOUSE We are heartbroken to report that one of our most beloved adopted kitties, Mr Winehouse, as crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week. Mr Winehouse had quite the journey from the pound (see the first photo above) to his foster home where he only started to act less feral when he was allowed near …


  • Ruby – at the Rainbow Bridge

    Ruby – at the Rainbow Bridge

    RUBY Sadly, we have to report that our senior girl Ruby passed away a couple of days ago. Her foster carers noticed she wasn’t acting herself, and then suddenly she wasn’t able to use her back legs. She was rushed to the vet where it was discovered that she had suffered a stroke. The kindest …


  • Maisie May (Enya)

    Maisie May (Enya)

    A letter to Maisie from her foster carers: Goodbyes were hard but memories are forever.To our first foster girl, Maisie May You completely took over our home and hearts and the dogs’ beds. Fearless and free from your cage, you settled in with a deepness of love for everyone you met. Not even the dogs …


  • Bondi


    “My beautiful cat haven rescue cat Freebie passed away in March this year. I got her as an adult cat in 2003 and was never sure of her exact age but she gave me over 16 years of love. I couldn’t imagine my life without a feline companion so I started looking for a mature …