Rae IF022-22

Rescued25 Apr, 2022
Date of Birth*27 Mar, 2019
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Rae is a super slinky and silky-furred domestic short hair male cat with beautiful green eyes. He has the highest pitch cute little meow, even when getting desperate for a snack! (which is most of the time really)

Known History & Temperament

Rae was shy at first, but after seeing ‘cat life in the cat house’ demonstrated by his feline housemates at food time, etc.., he started to come out of his shell. He is now the first cat at his foster carer’s feet at food time. As such, he’s a bit of a trip hazard. He isn’t exactly playful, but at the same time he has quite a few beans! He likes to hang off the cat food cupboard handles loudly demanding food.

Update 3rd Dec 2022: His foster carer would like to add that Rae was actually VERY playful this morning, skedaddling around chasing a tiny little gumnut and sprinting off into the distance (a few times he came back to play with the gumnut again!).

Interests and Hobbies

Rae loves food most of all. Mealtime (and snack time) is his favourite time of day / night / mid-morning / mid-afternoon / midnight. You get the picture, right? The way to this boy’s heart is surely through his stomach. As yet, his carer hasn’t seen him playing or doing anything much except waiting for his next meal. As a former street cat living it rough, it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s still not used to getting regular meals. He enjoys having scratches behind the ears and giving a head bump or two while curled on the couch. He enjoys the company of his fellow cats, and likes to do that community cat thing where two cats walk side by side rubbing against each other.


Rae isn’t a fan of being picked up, but will tolerate it for a short time. Usually if you try to catch him he’ll dart out of your way.

Purrfect Home

Rae needs a home with a family that isn’t expecting him to be a lap cat. He probably won’t hang around long if young kids are trying to grab at him, but he does enjoy a pat (on his terms) and can get up quite a loud purr. He just needs somewhere that he can be himself, enjoy two to three (to four to five) square meals a day, and have the arm or back of a couch to curl up on in between meals. He loves hanging with the other cats in his foster home, but he’d probably be fine as an only cat too. He is ridiculously cute and would be a delight for a variety of households.

Health Notes

Rae is FIV+, but as he is okay with the other cats in his foster home, we feel that he would be fine with a feline companion – as long as they’re fine with him. FIV is only a concern where cats are fighting, and Rae doesn’t fight, so it’s up to any potential companions to accept him!