Polly #2 IF048-23

Rescued09 Jun, 2023
Date of Birth*09 Jan, 2021
ColourWhite and Tabby
Adoption Fee$190.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Polly is a striking short haired white puss with tabby patches over her.

Known History & Temperament

Polly was surrendered to care by her former owners as she had troubles with young children.
Since coming into care, through waves and troughs of behaviour adaptations, Polly has proven herself to be affectionate, assertive and her own lady. In saying that, when first arriving to her foster home which already had another cat, she became withdrawn – to the point of urinating inappropriately… potentially territorial marking – however once segregated with much time and patience, she again became the adoring wanting miss that deserves cuddles and loads of strokes and petting (and bonus, uses her trays properly – yes plural (- Princess)Polly demands several trays to choose to use.)

Cattitude Level

  • Totally chill, not bovvered
  • Loves snuggle time, but also ‘alone’ time
  • Shy, gentle, tentative
  • Prefers to be alone – no other animals or people needed

Interests and Hobbies

Polly spends a lot of her time away from attention, sleeping in hidden away, however also when given the chance, takes up a lot of ‘cat tv’ through the window. Lounging in a sunny catio would be a dopamine delight for Polly.

When active, she will turn ‘loose parts’ into play and then bat miscellaneous items around the house, or do zoomies up and down the hall.


Polly is not a ‘wet’ food cat… While she has been given opportunities to try it, Polly might have a lick or three of warmed up wet food, and then she simply turns her nose up at the options, including roast chicken or warmed salmon. She does though, devour flavored kibbles and plays ‘hunti’ with ‘treat’ kibble placed in the middle of her dish.

Polly was recently tested with a very polite greyhound, and emphatically told that pooch where to go. (He is still in therapy at his own home) So definitely is not a dog pal.

Polly is not a ‘lap’ cat, or long to ‘hold’ cat… and she has spent many a night sleeping at foot of bed. She is approachable, will accept affection, however she needs to feel secure with all feet on floor or a bench (back of sofa??).

Polly has had problems with different texture litter offerings, but through much trial and error, her carer has finally found one that Polly is agreeable with. It is not cheap, however it is definitely Polly preferred.

Purrfect Home

Polly’s ideal home would be with with independent pawrents or with older mature children (teens) who understand to ‘leave her be’ instead of chasing…

Given Polly’s current behaviours around other friendly felines and hounds, she would be best suited to being an only cat, who can be left to snooze long periods away while her pawrents are at work (good for shift workers) and will keep her continuously supplied with refreshed and clean litter trays.

Health Notes

Polly is currently up to date on all vaccinations.

As Polly’s diet is all dry kibble, she would need plenty of clean water options to drink from to avoid urinary issues.

At a recent vet visit, it was discovered that Polly has unusually narrow nasal passages, which are anticipated to be connected to lacrimal eye duct problems. This means, that Polly is more likely to have issues with her tears drainage system thus being prone to infections and mishaps. While keeping her eye wiped over with simple water will assist in a long way, there is also an easy veterinary treatment for any blockages/problems that may occur.

It must be remembered, (Princess)Polly is very fastidious about her litter and her carer has finally deduced the requirement to have many trays available with her preferred litter. Failure to provide this could contribute to inappropriate urinating elsewhere in the house.