Thinking of buying a home or refinancing your mortgage?

Choosing P&N Bank means helping IFR to raise much-needed funds!

We are thrilled to announce that Impound Feline Rescue is now a member of P&N Bank’s community partnership program.

Funds raised for IFR through this partnership will assist with paying existing and future vet bills, as well as purchasing essential cat care supplies.

How does the program work?

If you would like to know more about the community partnership program, or would like to know about P&N Bank’s competitive home loan options, simply contact our P&N representative Adil Khan (see poster image for details!). Don’t forget to mention Impound Feline Rescue when you do!

& Home Loan – P&N’s lowest variable rate on your owner occupied loan

& Visa Platinum – Purchases at the same rate as the & Home Loan or Simple Home Loan

& Access Account – 100% offset against the & Home Loan

& Investor Loan – A loan available exclusively to members who hold the & Home Loan or Simple Home Loan

Adil Khan, Mobile Lending Manager, email:, phone: 0466 368 285

For more information about our competitive suite of products contact me, your local expert:

Adil Khan

Mobile Lending Manager

0466 368 285