Pebbles #1 IF021-20

Rescued07 May, 2020
Date of Birth*07 May, 2019
ColourTabby and White
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Pebbles is an adorable little tabby and white female cat, of the domestic short hair persuasion. She is on good quality food in her foster home which may explain why her coat is so beautiful and soft. Her foster human doesn’t get to touch it very often, but it’s very nice!

Known History & Temperament

Pebbles is a little shy, but over time she will settle and come more and more out of her shell. She absolutely LOVES food, and seems fine with other cats, although over her time in foster care she has become a bit of a boss girl, telling other cats where to go if they get up in her business. She never hurts any of the other cats, but may swat at them to put them in their rightful place. She and the other resident matriarch cat seem to get along fine – maybe they have come to an understanding that they are both the boss of the house!

Pebbles isn’t a big fan of being picked up, but can be handled when necessary to get her to the vet for annual check-ups (you may just need to sneak up on her to get her!). The hope is that when she moves to a home with fewer cats around, she might get more used to being with people and getting pats / snuggles.

Cattitude Level

  • Shy, gentle, tentative

Interests and Hobbies

As mentioned previously, Pebbles loves food! She also likes to come out and greet people she’s really got to know well, especially at meal times. She may twirl around people’s legs once she really trusts those people, and can be handled when needed. She has got a little less used to getting pats from people since she’s in a home with numerous other cats.


We’re not really aware of any dislikes, but we feel like Pebbles would probably not do well in a really noisy and hectic household. She prefers not to be around too many people as well, and isn’t a big fan of being ‘kitty-handled’. She can be picked up but you sort of have to sneak up on her to manage it. She doesn’t struggle hard to get away, but is yet to really come to love getting pats and snuggles.

Purrfect Home

For Pebbles, we’d love to see her move into a fairly quiet home with not heaps of people or activity. Some chilled older people or at least chilled people in general, who are willing to give her as much time as she needs to adjust to the new home, and come out of her shell, would be ideal. We want Pebbles to be an indoor kitty, or have access to a secure cat enclosure, as we feel she would be hard to catch if she escaped.

Health Notes

Pebbles is a healthy girl with a beautiful, soft coat.