Ollie – welcome

🖤 Welcome, Ollie! 🖤

We recently welcomed Ollie into the fold, after he wasn’t coping at Cat Haven and was being aggressive to staff members there. He was given some extra time there in hopes he would settle, but it didn’t happen, so he returned to IFR’s care.

He was quite bitey and swipey at first in emergency care, and his carer made use of a Catnip Squishy Puff to redirect his aggression from human hands towards the toy. It worked well, and he seemed to calm down a bit over time as he got used to his new surroundings. He also showed signs that he really wanted some other cats to play with.

He moved to his longer-term foster home in late January, and he’s setting in well. On Jan 29 his foster mum said:

“Ollie is settling in fine. He’s eating, using the litter tray and found ALL of the toys 😂 He’s venturing out from under the bed and checking out all the baskets but disappears back under the bed when I come in the room. He has also started talking to me. Early days but I have high hopes !!”

Then a few days later, we got this update:

“Whenever I have a foster cat, I leave their carrier in their room with the door open so there’s a familiar scent.
Ollie is quite a character, he plays a game of closing the door as soon as I open it 😂
He’s quite a character and fitting in beautifully. I’m very close to being able to pat him.”

He is making great progress, and we look forward to seeing how he goes as he settles into his foster home further.