• My Giving Circle – vote for IFR!

    My Giving Circle – vote for IFR!

    BREAKING NEWS! We finally got our act together and signed up to My Giving Circle. Over the years we have had a few supporters here and there nominate us, but we were always too busy with rescue itself to do anything about it. If you have given a vote to IFR on My Giving Circle …


  • Entertainment Books: FLASH SALE ! 48 hours only 👑

    Entertainment Books: FLASH SALE ! 48 hours only 👑

    ­­­­­­­­ Thank you for your support! Impound Feline Rescue © 2023 Entertainment Group.


  • Ringo & Willow #3 – welcome

    Ringo & Willow #3 – welcome

    RINGO & WILLOW #3 – welcome This month we’ve welcomed some new kitties, and here is some info about them. RINGO got his name because of that little white ring on his black tail! He was very scared in the pound, but we were told that “as soon as we got in the car at …


  • Ginger Boy – sponsorship

    Ginger Boy – sponsorship

    We have an awesome little supporter who has chosen to donate some of her pocket money, including proceeds from containers returns, to sponsoring kitties in need! So far she has made two donations, and Ginger Boy is the latest kitty to get sponsored. As a result, his adoption fee is reduced to $177! If you’d …


  • Franky – welcome

    Franky – welcome

    🧡 Welcome Franky 🧡 We picked this tabby cutie up yesterday, and as you can see from this photo, he settled in quickly on his first night in foster care! What we know about this guy so far is that he is super chill but also very playful! We can’t wait to learn more about …


  • Please help ~ Costly Cats campaign

    Please help ~ Costly Cats campaign

    We need help It’s that time of year again, except a little earlier than it was last year. We are asking for donations to help with our mounting vet bills, which have grown particularly nasty in the last few months due to some very costly kitties. Since December 2022, we have had $4936.91 in EXCESS …


  • Archie #3 – welcome

    Archie #3 – welcome

    🖤🤍 Welcome, Archie! (the Third) 🤍🖤 This little fella has recently joined IFR, and he is more than ready for adoption! Archie has fit in seamlessly to his foster home, despite the two other adult cats who had to get used to him. He’s been having a ball playing with his temp housemate Dexter (the …


  • Entertainment Books: Help us reach our fundraising goal!

    Entertainment Books: Help us reach our fundraising goal!

    ­­­­­­­­ Thank you for your support! Impound Feline Rescue *When you purchase a 12-month or 24-month Single City or Multi-City Entertainment Membership during the campaign period (between 6.00pm, Monday 16th January 2023 and 12.00pm, Wednesday 23rd February 2023 AEST). You will receive an extra two months for free that will be applied automatically to your …


  • Mr Moonlight – welcome

    Mr Moonlight – welcome

    Hello, Mr. Moonlight We recently welcomed a new tabby boy into the IFR family. Mr Moonlight came into foster care from the pound with an injured tail that had been treated at a vet clinic. In the pound, the rangers tried to contact his former family (he’s microchipped), and managed to get in touch. Unfortunately …


  • Ollie – welcome

    Ollie – welcome

    🖤 Welcome, Ollie! 🖤 We recently welcomed Ollie into the fold, after he wasn’t coping at Cat Haven and was being aggressive to staff members there. He was given some extra time there in hopes he would settle, but it didn’t happen, so he returned to IFR’s care. He was quite bitey and swipey at …