Mr Winehouse – at the Rainbow Bridge


We are heartbroken to report that one of our most beloved adopted kitties, Mr Winehouse, as crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week.

Mr Winehouse had quite the journey from the pound (see the first photo above) to his foster home where he only started to act less feral when he was allowed near other kitties.

It turned out Mr Winehouse LOVED other cats! He was even a babysitter / cat dad to the foster kittens his carer took in.

After a little undomesticated kitty called Angel came to stay, she fell in love with Mr Winehouse (he wasn’t always so sure about her), and from that moment on, Winey had his very own ball and chain kitty! Angel would get annoyed if other cats encroached on her territory.

It was only right that this pair should get adopted together. Their wonderful family including fur mama Rebecca took great care of them, and they had a wonderful life together.

We are heartbroken that Mr Winehouse has gone too soon for our liking. Our thoughts are with his family who loved him so dearly, and with his former foster carer who felt the same.

We hope sweet Angel will be okay without her favourite ‘person’ in the world.

Fly free, sweetheart Winey 🌈