Mizelda IF002-21

Rescued14 Jan, 2021
Date of Birth*1 Dec, 2020
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Mizelda is a very cute little tabby girl.

Known History & Temperament

Mizelda arrived in foster care after being rescued one hot summer afternoon by one of IFR’s foster carers / volunteers. At the time of her rescue, she was being chased by some young boys. Our volunteer questioned the boys’ parents who confirmed that Mizelda had wandered onto their property as a stray kitten, and they didn’t want to keep her because she was apparently hissy. As soon as our volunteer got her into the car, Mizelda was settled against her neck, curled up and content.

Mizelda was adopted for a while, but unfortunately with the current rental crisis and hardship many people are facing, her family had no choice but to surrender her back to IFR in recent times. She is back with us and looking for a forever home once again.

Interests and Hobbies

Mizelda LOVES to play, and sometimes her fellow felines get a bit disgruntled because of it. She needs lots of playtime including lots of toys and company, to keep her busy! She can get a bit overstimulated sometimes during play time so may give a little play bite.


We’re not really aware of any dislikes for young whippersnapper Mizelda.

Purrfect Home

Because of her ‘exciteability’ during play, Mizelda probably wouldn’t suit living with young children who are wary of animals. Cat savvy people would be best, and people who want to be entertained would suit her very well! She would be fine with a younger feline companion who is as playful as her, but older, grumpy kitties who want to be left alone are probably best avoided. She needs lots of toys, playtime, etc., to stay entertained.

Health Notes

Mizelda gets quite bad skin allergies sometimes, so her diet and environment are important. We can give you more information on this if you enquire about Mizelda.