Mira IF004-21

Date of Birth*30 Mar, 2022
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Mira is a very small cat. Colouring is brindle tortoiseshell (dark browns and black with patches of orange and flecks of white). Mira has a slight build, short hair, a very small head, long legs, and a long, thin tail. Her meow is very small and short but her purr is loud.

Known History & Temperament

Mira was collected by the Rangers with a dead kitten stuck in her birth canal. She is very timid and shy but has come out of her shell with her foster mum. Mira struggled for quite a long time due to her past trauma, always going backwards after any visit to the vet or other unsettling moment in time. But her carer’s most recent update on her stated:

“She craves human interaction, is not a lap cat but want to be right next to you. Pats you for attention and strokes etc. Becoming more vocal when she wants attention too. She loves to play. Has lots of energy.”

Cattitude Level

  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Loves snuggle time, but also ‘alone’ time
  • Shy, gentle, tentative

Interests and Hobbies

When she’s at her best, Mira loves to play with little balls, wand toys and bells! She loves playtime and if you dangle your foot or wiggle your toes she will grab hold of those too! Mira loves head scratches and affection and will come and settle on your lap if you are patient enough to wait (she needs to get her energy out with first before snuggles!). She’s chatty with other cats and will make it known if she doesn’t like someone (fur person or human!).


Mira doesn’t like big or loud noises or sudden movements.

Purrfect Home

Mira’s ideal home would be with people who are willing to take a little time to understand her. She’s a stray cat who’s still timid and has fear responses, when really all she wants is someone to spend time with her and be affectionate and playful with her. Someone who’s willing to spend time with her everyday, chat with her, play with her, give her affection and also give her her own space when she wants it. Mira needs places to hide, climb, and an area to run and play with toys. Ideally she would be an inside cat with a secure cat enclosure to access for safe, fresh air. She’d be best without small children around, unless they are cat savvy. Mira has not been dog tested as yet.

She really needs a good long period of time when she doesn’t have any upheavals in her life, as she has been through a lot and doesn’t handle changes very well. We are seeking a very special home for her with a family that understands this and will be patient with her.

General Notes

Mira is a stray who has been rescued. She still eats like a stray cat and hides when she sleeps. Mira will need a place to safely hide and lots of places to explore within the home. Mira still has fear-based responses to loud noises and sudden movements, not all the time but sometimes. She doesn’t mean anything by them and they are surprising rather than hurtful. An adopter needs to understand that there’s a reason for this – life is tough as a stray!

Even though Mira is timid and shy, she is also full of love, very affectionate, chatty and loves to snuggle on her foster mum’s lap. After an hour or so of playing she’s ready to snuggle down. Mira is still very kitten-like in her playful ways.

Health Notes

Mira was unwell for quite a while, and her symptoms presented as mild flu, but her illness has been cleared up for quite some time now – there is no sign that she was ever unwell any longer.