Mickey IF081-15

Rescued28 Mar, 2015
Date of Birth*13 Feb, 2015
ColourGrey and White
NicknamesMickey Mickster
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Mickey is a stunning, dainty short-haired grey & white girl with gorgeous white socks.

Known History & Temperament

Mickey arrived in care originally as a very tiny kitten, who was the least hissy out of her kitten companions! (in fact, unlike them, she didn’t hiss at all) She was quite sick as a kitten, with a parasite called coccidiosis, but she was soon adopted into a lovely family. Unfortunately more recently, things changed and Mickey has had to be surrendered again.

As an adult now, Mickey is very timid at first but if you pick her up a little each day and ignore her protests it will eventually pay off with lots of snuggle time. She has a very quiet nature but is vocal if she smells food she likes (chicken, ham, beef or Dine creamy treats).

Cattitude Level

  • Shy, gentle, tentative

Interests and Hobbies

Mickey is crazy about laser play time! She loves it when you swing toys just within her reach and she will try to grab them from you. She loves placid dogs – she’s more of a dog fan than a cat fan. However, she is fine with relaxed cats. She loves a high perch so she can watch over everything happening in the garden. She sometimes likes to steal the dog’s bed!


Dislikes boisterous cats. Wouldn’t do well with extremely noisy young children or a household that is constantly noisy with lots of people coming and going. Mickey needs a fairly quiet and relaxed home. She has lived around renovation noise and was fine with that, it’s too much human noise that can make her a bit anxious. She’s a bit litter fussy, she only likes recycled paper litter.

Purrfect Home

Mickey’s ideal home would be with a fairly quiet and relaxed household. She likes her hoomans to build her caves out of couch cushions and blankets in the winter. She’d love a home for her where she has access to a cat enclosure, as she is used to going outdoors and staying in at night and IFR does not condone indoor/outdoor homes. However, we are confident she could adapt to an indoor home with time. She has never been the only pet, so we would love her to have a placid fellow pet for company. She absolutely loves the dog she lives with currently. The only type of dog she probably wouldn’t like is a hyper young puppy.

Health Notes

Mickey is a healthy and happy girl.