Marmalade IF003-23

Rescued25 Jan, 2023
Date of Birth*28 Jan, 2018
StatusRainbow Bridge
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Marmalade’s Story

This lovely girl came to us on January 25, 2023, after the ranger had found her with what looked like a burst mouth abscess in the pound. We collected her from a vet clinic not affiliated with us, and she stayed overnight at Challenger Vet on fluids as she was very dehydrated. There was a nasty looking hole at the back of her mouth and she went home with one of our admins while we awaited her biopsy results. She wasn’t advertised for foster care as we strongly suspected we weren’t going to get good news from the vet, and felt it wouldn’t be fair to a foster carer to send her knowing that.

Marmalade was very unhappy for her first few days in care, clearly in pain and not happy at being pestered at medication time. She did improve while on good pain meds though, and eventually allowed pats, and gave purrs while being patted.

She wasn’t eating at all but over the weekend as a last resort, her carer offered her milk and she was straight into it. It was a very small victory.

The next day her carer took her to the vet, as her concern for her was growing. The plan was for Marmalade to stay at the vet for the day while we waited for the lab results. Sadly, we got the news soon after, and it was as we had feared – an aggressive squamous cell carcinoma had caused the wound in her mouth.

Our admin team member, Marmalade’s foster carer, went back to the vet to say goodbye, giving her lots of pats as she went peacefully. We would have loved to be able to help her live a much longer life, but in the end there was only one kind option.

Fly free angel girl, no more pain 🌈