Marla IF072-23

Rescued15 Nov, 2023
Date of Birth*31 Dec, 2021
NicknamesShadow, Grey Monster
Adoption Fee$190.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

The Russian blue appearance is very strong with Marla, both physically and in purrsonality (in some ways).

Known History & Temperament

Marla was rescued from Rockingham pound in November 2023. She is friendly, affectionate, and likes to be around people, but she is quite reactive when feeling threatened or frustrated, so can bite and scratch unexpectedly. Sometimes she might even bite when not being touched – for example, when you’ve got out of the shower, watch your ankles around her! She moved to a new foster home just before Christmas 2023, and was quite hyped up to start, but she has slowly calmed down. She still bites and swipes out sometimes, but they’re not serious bites.

With time, Marla may learn not to bite when frustrated, but there’s a chance this behaviour is now a feature, not a bug. With cats that didn’t grow up around other kittens, they can end up being like Marla because they never got any of their own medicine back, so never learned that biting hurts and is not a good idea to do. We feel that Marla may have also been in a home with young children who pulled on her tail, or just with people who were rough with her. She seemed to be in pain for a while there, even when just grooming herself, but that seems to have lessened now as well. She doesn’t seem to know how to clean her own head, so washing her head for her if she gets food in hard to reach places may be a thing her family needs to do.

Cattitude Level

  • Chill with a hint of crazy!

Interests and Hobbies

Marla is an extremely good huntress and will quickly rid a home of any pests. Early on in her foster journey, she seemed to prefer prey to toys, though she started to learn how to play as she relaxes into her foster environment. Marla loves food and is not a picky eater when it comes to wet food. She doesn’t seem to like biscuits that much, but trying a few different types might result in you finding one she likes! (She has not eaten a single biccie in her current foster home) She has never had an issue using the litter box, and is very tidy with it, even if there is a little bit of spillage. It’s nothing disastrous!

Marla loves pats and scratches behind the ears, and will purr up a bit of a storm while receiving these. Marla has started to be quite playful in her current foster home, and sometimes you’ll find her chasing or pinning down her own wayward tail. She does some little zoomies, and we could see her appreciating a home where she has room to race around – even if it’s some stairs to go up an down, or a long hallway to sprint along. Marla isn’t much into traditional toys at this point, but has enjoyed attacking and soccering a tennis ball. If there’s a bit of fluff or a twig lying around she has been known to play with it.


Early on Marla should not be stroked too much as she gets overstimulated quickly and is almost guaranteed to bite and scratch. This behaviour does lessen the longer she is in a home, assuming she feels safe. In both her foster homes so far, Marla has had to share the environment with other cats, which she hasn’t loved. However, in her current foster home she is slowly growing used to the other cats.

She has done a lot of shirt-fronting so far, but now you can sometimes find her approaching one of the other cats and not even giving so much as a hiss. It may be best for Marla to be an only cat in her forever home, so she has less stress to contend with, and can have a human/humans to herself. However, a confident and unflappable cat companion could be amazing for Marla – a cat who won’t hurt her badly but will show her she isn’t the boss

Purrfect Home

Marla is not a cat for a first-time cat owner or a home with children as she can be unpredictable. She is best suited to an experienced cat owner who is willing to be patient and calm with her. She is entirely happy to be left alone during the day or to have company.

Marla has not had experience with dogs since coming into foster care. She did sniff her current foster carer’s shoes that had been drooled on by a dog and started rolling around on the shoes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s fine with dogs. She didn’t hiss at the shoes though!

Health Notes

Marla appears to be a very healthy young girl, though she did have some pain and sensitivity around her hips that made us wonder if she had been roughly handled in the past. The symptoms of this sensitivity seem to be easing with time, so she could have just been bruised.