Maeve IF026-22

Rescued31 May, 2022
Date of Birth*30 May, 2016
ColourTabby and White
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Maeve is a very cute and compact little tabby and white girl who no longer has a tail due to a bad injury.

Known History & Temperament

Maeve has had a tough year. She was left behind by her previous owners when they moved, after which she fended for herself before she got herself in a bit of a pickle. She sustained a tail pull injury and a tail degloving injury (skin being ripped). This brave little one went about her business for 2-4weeks before the person who was feeding her noticed her injury and brought her to a vet clinic. From there, she underwent tail amputation surgery and eventually ended up in care with us.

Her lovely vet nurse-trained foster carer tried out a few name options for her, to see if she would like any of them, and Maeve is the only name she responded to time and time again.

Upon her arrival with us, she was found to be saturated in urine, and was in an emotionally shut down state due to the recent misery she’d been living in. Immediately she was given a bath, and then a second bath basically right away, trying to clean her urine-soaked coat and skin. It took more baths after that to get her to the beautiful state she is in today.

Since arriving in foster care, Maeve has gone from a hot mess that left puddles where she sat, to a tidy little girl that loves humans, making biscuits on your legs and exploring the areas of the home that she has access to. She is not the most graceful jumper, so will need little ‘steps’ to jump to to avoid falling.

She has been through the absolute worst, and a few times we weren’t sure if she was going to make it long term because of her injuries, but she keeps proving us wrong every single time. Could she be your little dumpling?


Maeve really hates going to the vet, but sadly for her it’s a necessity in her life. She also isn’t the biggest fan of dogs barking around her, so if at all possible it’s best for her to stay away from loud dogs/loud things in general.

Purrfect Foster Home

We are seeking a foster home for Maeve for now, and it will likely be a forever foster home. If you’d like to chat to us about what that means, we are happy to hear from you. Here is an overview of the sort of foster home Maeve needs:

She should be crated at night as she finds her crate to be her safe space and also assists making sure she toilets regularly.

Her current foster carer is more than happy to talk new foster carer through everything and assist with transition. She may sound like a lot of work, but honestly, she is so easy to medicate, her feeding & medications takes total of 2 minutes from mixing foods to giving capsules. She is so willing to please, it’s not even funny.

She is easy to wash if she has an accident and has gotten used to her belly & private parts being checked regularly.

She could go to a home with a sensible cat that wont jump on her and will give her space. She seems interested in the resident cat, but as resident cat is not the friendliest, she has not been tested. There’s no hissing etc, just trying to play paw slaps from under the door.

Health Notes

When we first took Maeve in, we thought she was a perfectly healthy cat with just a nubby tail, but sadly this was not the case. She has had quite a few ups and downs medically, even beyond needing her tail amputated. She requires medication for life to manage the pain in her spine from the tail pull injury, and to help keep her incontinence under control. She is on life long anti-inflammatory and pain medications for the spinal tingles and manages well. She also has capsules that assist with preventing infections in her bladder and will be on a urinary diet for life – she happily eats it.

In the beginning, medicating Maeve was a mission, but soon she got into a rhythm and now happily takes her medications twice daily from her carer.