Maeve – welcome

Say hello to Maeve!

She came to IFR recently with an old tail pull/degloving injury that was necrotic (rotting). She had a tail operation prior to arriving in our care, and afterward she had a lot of trouble controlling her toileting, so when her carer collected her she was absolutely soaked in urine.

Her lovely foster carer who is a vet nurse bathed Maeve over and over and got her smelling nice again, after which Maeve was happy to start grooming herself once again. She is doing so much better now, though still has occasional little toileting accidents.

Through this ordeal, Maeve has consistently been the sweetest kitty. She is just a love bundle.

Maeve’s foster carer says:

Maeve is a cheeky child, she loves making biscuits on my legs, loves her heating pad and biscuits, these are a few of her favourite things.

She chose her own name out of 10 names suggested to her. While we were giving her 2 weeks to improve on antibiotics and pain meds to see what happened and if she would have any quality of life, she surprised us by starting to wee in a tray. It has been hit and miss for this girl and some days it will be on the floor or her crate, but we all have accidents!

She will always have some form of nerve damage, but how bad is still to be determined. She hates when I check her bottom and clean it, but foster mommas need to make sure the babies are ok.

At home she is the biggest purrsonality and honestly makes me laugh every day. She truly is a blessing and we are all keeping our fingers crossed we can get her to a point where she can have a semi normal life, even if on pain relief for her nerve tingles.