Maeve – foster care needed

MAEVE – forever foster home needed


Maeve is a very cute and compact little tabby and white girl who no longer has a tail due to a bad injury.


Maeve has had a tough year, left behind by her previous owners and fending for herself for a while until, unfortunately, she sustained a tail pull / degloving injury. A person who’d been feeding her noticed her injury and took her to a vet clinic. Soon after, Maeve ended up in are with us.

Since then, Maeve has gone from a hot mess to a tidy little girl that loves humans (so much so that it’s difficult to get photos of her as she zooms right up to you for snuggles), making biscuits on your legs and exploring the areas of the home that she has access to. She is not the most graceful jumper, so will need little ‘steps’ to jump to avoid falling.

She has been through the absolute worst, and a few times we weren’t sure if she would make it, but she kept proving us wrong every time. Could she be your little dumpling?


We are seeking a foster home for Maeve for now, preferably a forever foster home (sort of like adoption, but Maeve’s vet care needs are covered by the rescue). If you’d like to chat to us about what that means, we’d love to hear from you. For now, here is an overview of the sort of foster home Maeve needs:

✨ She should be crated at night as she finds her crate to be her safe space, and keeping her there overnight also assists in making sure she toilets regularly.

✨ She needs daily medications which, once you get the hang of it, take about 2 minutes of time to administer.

✨ She could go to a home with a sensible cat that won’t jump on her and will give her space. Being the only cat would also be fine for Maeve.

Her current foster carer is more than happy to talk a new foster carer through everything and assist with the transition. Of course, the rescue will provide ongoing support to the carer and to Maeve, since this will be a forever arrangement for her.


Visit Maeve’s bio page to learn more about what happened to Maeve before her rescue.