Lucky & Salem – welcome

Welcome – 🖤 LUCKY & SALEM 🖤

We have two new black kitties in the house, Lucky (with one eye) and Salem.

Lucky has just had his vet work, along with having his eye socket cleaned out (there was definitely no eye in there when the vets had a good look at him) and stitched up.

Salem is pending his vet work, as he had some mild flu symptoms. They have now cleared up so he will be booked in for the works ASAP!

💲Did you know that our adult cat adoption fees only just cover basic vet work? For cats that need a little extra care, they don’t cover them at all. That’s why:

1) We rely on donations and proceeds of fundraising, and

2) Adopting a rescue cat is more affordable for you than getting a ‘free’ cat that you then have to do vet work for (to comply with the cat laws in Western Australia).

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a cat, check out our Available Cats on this website (Lucky and Salem aren’t yet listed there, but will be soon):

We also need foster carers! If you’ve thought about having a cat but aren’t ready to commit to adopt, check out our Foster page on this site.