Lola #2 IF054-22

Rescued22 Nov, 2022
Date of Birth20 Jul, 2021
ColourGrey Tabby and White

Physical Description

Lola a medium haired gorgeous girl. She is mostly grey with a white tummy and paws and she has a beautiful fluffy tail.

Known History & Temperament

We don’t know anything prior to Lola coming into care. Her previous owner showed promising interest in wanting her back but for what ever reason has not made contact. Lola came into care with four babies, she did the hard yards till her babies were 5 weeks old when she started weaning her babies. Lola is so deserving of her forever home like all IFR kitties. She is so affectionate and yearning for a home to call her own. She could possibly live with another cat with the right introduction. She has settled so much since her surgery. She is affectionate, hoping once her babies have been adopted she can have a bigger space so she can play.

Cattitude Level

  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Shy, gentle, tentative

Interests and Hobbies

She loves her food. She doesn’t have space to show her true self but I would say she would love to play and she could possibly be a night time zoomy girl. She is confined to a bathroom so she hasn’t had to opportunity to show herself off, but can see she has that twinkle in her eyes she could have moments of being just a tad crazy.


She is not overly keen on being patted around her head.

Purrfect Home

She would love a home where she can get all the attention. She love to be brushed which is also a necessity as she is medium haired and will help keep hairbals under control along with diet. She would love the attention of children aged 8 years and up. Don’t know if her temperament around a dog but maybe with the right introduction she could be ok. She will be ok being by herself if her potential owners work

Health Notes

Lola has had some ups and downs so far, including a bad infection that resulted in brief hospitalisation. She is okay now, but we are eager to get her desexed!