Lewis IF048-22

Rescued25 Oct, 2022
Date of Birth*21 Apr, 2015
NicknamesSilenzio, Silenzilinski, Lew Lew, Delewlew
StatusFoster Needed
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Lewis is a somewhat raggedy looking former street cat who started out as the definition of lean (but not mean). In more recent times he has chunked out a bit, so you have to watch his food intake (which will be easier in his purrfect forever home where he’s the only cat!). He has flecks of white/grey fur amongst his all-black coat, and it truly looks like he is an old man going grey. The vet estimated his age to be between 6 and 8, so we went with 7 as an estimate at the time of his rescue. He is looking a lot better these days than he did in the pound with a large, jagged healing wound on his forehead (you can’t even see a scar nowadays). You can’t tell he’s the same cat as he was then.

Known History & Temperament

We’re not sure what Lewis’s story is prior to his arrival in the pound. He was a scaredy boy in there, but was able to be patted at first – until he got too freaked out and wouldn’t tolerate touch anymore. After he came into foster care he just did a lot of hissing and swiping. This has eased off, but the main thing that still sets him off is other cats getting too close – it’s like he gets overwhelmed by everything going on around him and fires off hisses left, right and centre as a result.

At first, he acted like he wanted to be friends with the other cats in his foster home. Sadly though, they were too mean to him (some in particular were more mean than others), and now he mostly hisses and swipes out at them. It’s got a bit silly now and he will do a half-hearted swipe/chase before remembering there are more important things in life – like when his foster carer is going to get the food out and fill his bowl.

Despite his ‘mean’ exterior, Lewis is an absolute sweetheart when it comes to humans (at least the right kind of humans). He enjoys a good brush (as long as you don’t try to brush around his hips/tail area), and a pat. He gets up a nice loud purr when happily snuggling. He doesn’t mind being picked up, though he won’t just sit there contentedly for hours on end. He’ll start to wonder quickly what the point of you picking him up was. Sometimes he is a bit irritated by too much enthusiastic patting, so his human must listen to his warning signs and respect them.

He likes to go to the cat litter when his foster carer goes to scoop it, perhaps as he feels his human is a bit of a bodyguard against the threat of the other cats. He is very good with his toileting, and is a neat and tidy boy. He would LOVE a litter tray all his own that no other cats use.

Cattitude Level

  • Shy, gentle, tentative
  • Loves snuggle time, but also ‘alone’ time

Interests and Hobbies

Lewis enjoys food most of all, but he absolutely loves curling up on the couch to sleep, or on his foster carer’s bed. He would much prefer to have a home of his own where he has the run of the house without fear of being swiped at or attacked by other felines (sadly he’s had a bit of that here). He is very good with his litter tray, and enjoys food time very much.


Lewis really doesn’t like being swiped and hissed at and attacked – and who could blame the boy, right? He gets quite threatened when legs are walking fast towards him, as if he’s been kicked before and fears it might happen again. Over time he will learn to trust your legs if you are a kind person to him, and will stop being so scared.

Purrfect Home

Lewis needs a home with cat savvy people who won’t be frightened by hissing and swiping out. He’s not a bitey boy (at least not with people, until you annoy him too much anyway), he just puts on a front of being macho and feisty so nobody will think they can push him around. He would be fine in a home with a small number of other friendly cats, but we feel he’d really love to be the only cat. He’s not the happiest in his current foster home, where there are far too many other cats he has to put up with.

Health Notes

We know that Lewis is FIV+, and his short-haired coat sometimes looks a bit rough, but his tummy is covered in the softest velvety fur! Sometimes he even lets you pat it. While he was in the pound, he had a huge jagged patch of missing fur where he’d had a large wound. You can’t see any trace of that now that he’s all healed up and fur grown back. Overall he seems to be in decent health, and he has now had one of his canines extracted (it was broken). The vet says the rest of his teeth are in great condition.