Izumi – welcome

IZUMI – welcome

Just over two weeks ago we welcomed Izumi into the fold. She was skeletal (only 2kg), and under her fluff you could feel every bone. She had terribly matted fur, and very gunky ears which were treated for a week after rescue. Her microchip says she is nine years old, but if we hadn’t known that, the vet would have aged her at 15 – 17 years of age, such was her poor condition at rescue.

At the vet, the worst bits of her fur were clipped. The vets struggled (but finally succeeded) in finding a place to draw blood due to how skinny she was. Her blood was tested that same day, revealing sky high thyroid levels. Thankfully that can be treated, and the rest of her blood results were fine. She will be due a re-test in a couple of weeks to make sure everything is on track and nothing else is wrong.

Given her thyroid issues, Izumi was super hungry at first, eating everything she was given ravenously. Thankfully the meds started to kick in and we’re pleased to report she is already up to 2.4kg!

She is out of her emergency foster home with one of our committee members, and is now in care with one of our wonderful foster carers who is loving her company very much. We thank that carer for the first two photos above which show Izumi’s improvement (and happiness) since arriving in foster care.

We are all hoping that Izumi will get the all clear at her next vet visit!