Glen #2 IF041-22

Rescued20 Sep, 2022
Date of Birth*20 Sep, 2022
ColourGrey and White
*Born in foster care

Physical Description

Glen is a ridiculously cute little grey and white baby boy.

Known History & Temperament

Glen’s mum was rescue from the pound when heavily pregnant. He was born soon after, along with his four siblings.

Interests and Hobbies

Glen is a typical kitten, not much more to say than that.


We’re not aware of any dislikes!

Purrfect Home

He’d basically suit any home, however we have come to realise that Glen needs to be in company with at least one other young-ish, friendly and playful cat so he can have a buddy. Either that or he would need to have regular company from humans and not be left alone too much. After his brother recently left the foster home, Glen was pining as he felt lonely, so we know he needs a lot of company each day.

Health Notes

Glen is a happy and healthy boy.