Glen #1 IF048-21

Rescued05 Nov, 2021
Date of Birth*TBA
ColourBlack and White
StatusForever Foster
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Glen, or Gummy Glen as he’s affectionately known, is a black and white short-haired kitty. Since living rough on the streets before coming into care, he has put on some padding, but the vet said it’s okay as long as it isn’t more (much to Glen’s disapproval). He has several battle scars on his ears, which just show the poor conditions he was living in before coming to IFR.

Known History & Temperament

You may be wondering ‘why Gummy Glen?’, and the answer is because he has a gummy grin! Glen came into care with horrific teeth and gum issues, but thanks to the amazing work at Challenger Vet Hospital he now has a beautiful gummy smile that has had no negative effects on his ability to eat.

Glen is an incredibly sweet-natured boy, who claimed his foster carer’s heart very quickly. He enjoys curling up in his corner of the couch during the day, and recently, after months in foster care, has figured out that the bed is so much nicer than the couch. He gets along with all the other kitties in the household and doesn’t mind the odd visits from a dog.

Although Glen isn’t a lap cat, doesn’t like to be held, and is happy to just do his own thing, he shows his affections in his own way. He enjoys a good head scratch and hearing about the events of the day.

Glen is FIV+, has a heart murmur, and is developing arthritis, but that doesn’t stop him from living his totally chilled-out and comfy life.

Cattitude Level

  • Totally chill, not bovvered
  • Shy, gentle, tentative

Interests and Hobbies

Food, Glen LOVES food!

His favourite hobby is to curl up and relax. He is a very good listener, is not judgemental, and likes to be kept up to date with the latest gossip.


Glen doesn’t like other kitties taking his spot on the couch, which they learnt quickly that it was a ‘no go’ zone.

Purrfect Home

Glen is not available to adopt, and has been accepted as a forever foster. His wonderful foster family has been generous enough to promise him a home for the rest of his days, despite all his health woes.

Health Notes

Glen has a heart murmur, no teeth (he had a major dental after coming into foster care), arthritis, and he is FIV+.