Hello from the team at IFR.

We are happy you’ve chosen to give one of our kitties a chance at a new life in a foster capacity! Some cats and kittens take more time than others to settle in a new home, so we ask that you be patient with your new house guest as they settle in.

Some of our foster babies have had real ordeals, and others have been happy all their lives. No matter what type of kitty you’re taking on, it means the world to us that you’ve offered to help.

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Fostering History

Integrating your foster cat(s) into your home

One of the conditions of fostering an IFR cat is that they must be kept indoors at all times. If you have a secure cat run that your foster kitty can venture into, that is fine also.

The following questions relate to this requirement for keeping your IFR foster indoors.

We ask that cats are kept in a small area of the home after moving in, whether or not you have other pets to introduce them to. Moving house can be stressful for cats, so we advise a cautionary approach. You can read about introducing new cats to your household on our website: click here.

IFR cats must be kept indoors, or have access to a secure cat enclosure, at all times.

Fostering Agreement

The following conditions must be agreed to by you before taking on an IFR foster cat. Please read each condition carefully before ticking "I agree", and ensure that you and your entire household can comply with the conditions.

Don't forget to have a read of the information on our Foster Process page, including the section on home checks.

Liability Waiver

Please note that IFR cannot be held liable for any vetwork or other costs that may be incurred if these conditions are not adhered to.


**Definition of Terms:

Emergency Only: This involves emergency or respite care for existing carers that are affected by unforeseen circumstances, for no longer than a week or two.

Short Term: For people who can only care for up to three (3) months.

Medium Term: For people who can only care between six (6) and nine (9) months.

Until Adoption: People who can care for the cats until they can be rehomed, no matter how long it takes *NB: We make every effort to regularly advertise all foster cats in our care in a number of ways, both online and off.

Although it is usually medium or long hair cats that need grooming, some short hair cats may need grooming as well, especially older cats who may moult a lot.


By submitting this application you are claiming that the information you have provided here is true and correct. Misleading information will result in a 'declined' application.

Your application will be viewed within the next 48 hours and we will contact you in regards to becoming a member of our foster caring team.


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