Douglas IF063-22

Rescued16 Dec, 2022
Date of Birth*16 Jun, 2015
StatusSocial Rehab
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Douglas is a domestic medium-haired tabby street boy who had clearly been fending for himself for a while, prior to rescue.

Known History & Temperament

Douglas spent a little while in the pound, and we knew we had to get him out into foster care as he wasn’t in the right environment to thrive! He went into short-term foster care, but unfortunately escaped through a fly-screen right before Christmas.

Thankfully he had been in care not far from where he was originally trapped, and he gradually made his way back to that same area. We had been very worried about him, but thankfully he was re-trapped by the same lady who had trapped him the first time. He’s now safe in foster care again, and we hope will be going to a more permanent foster home later this week.

Interests and Hobbies

We will share more info here when we have it!


We will share more info here when we have it!

Purrfect Home

Right now Douglas isn’t ready for an adoptive home, although if anyone wants to adopt a shy cat who needs social rehab, do let us know! (It does have its own sort of reward, in case you want to chat to those of us who have done it before) For now, we’re wanting Douglas safe in secure foster care, and having regular human contact to get him socialised. There is hope for this boy – he’s shown us there is – but he just needs time and patience for a while.

Health Notes

Nobody is surprised that Douglas is FIV positive, and he does look a bit rough. We’re not aware of any grave health concerns though, and we know that FIV cats can live happily with non-FIV cats as long as everyone gets along well.