Donald IF030-21

Rescued10 Aug, 2021
Date of Birth*10 Aug, 2019
ColourBlack & white
Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Donald is a shiny black cat with stunning green eyes and a triangle white dash on his chest.

Known History & Temperament

Donald was rescued from the pound in Aug 2021. Sadly no foster carers were able to take him so he stayed at a cattery until May 2022. Over time in the cattery he became quite social. Once you gain his trust he’s a lover. He enjoys the company of people and seeks it out even though it can be really scary for him. Other cats relax him and have helped to bring him out of his shell.

Interests and Hobbies

Once Donald is confident you’re not going to put him in a pie he will open up to you. He really likes to be around people, even if he’s just in the same room, he likes to know what’s going on. He enjoys head rubs, pats and treats. Donald is a lap cat but is also happy to snuggle up next to you. He likes to play both with his toys and with his foster brother. He hasn’t had any experience with dogs as yet.


Donald will be shy and hesitant at first. He will want as much encouragement as you are prepared to give him, so a quiet home without children will be ideal for him.

Purrfect Home

Donald would like to be part of a quiet home with humans that know cats well. He really enjoys the company of others cats and would be happiest in a home with other feline companions. He likes to be around people so would be ideal for someone that works from home. He is pretty low maintenance so would also be chilled if his people were at work all day. He needs a home with someone who doesn’t mind his allergies. He will need a clean home where there are minimal carpets and soft furnishing (see Health Notes section below for the reason why).

Health Notes

Donald has allergies which, when he has a flare-up, present themselves as some flu symptoms. He sneezes often and there is snot involved, but in his current foster home there is a lot of dust, so our hope is that when he moves to a carpetless home with very little dust, his symptoms will improve. He may need occasional vet visits to treat his allergy symptoms.