Dixie IF041-23

Rescued09 May, 2023
Date of Birth*23 Feb, 2023
ColourBlack and White
Adoption Fee$250.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

I’m Dixie and I’m super fluffy. I’m mostly black with white paws, white markings on my face, mane and belly.

Known History & Temperament

I was rescued with my Mum and two siblings from the local park/bush.
I’ve been pretty chilled throughout this adventure settling well but still adjusting to life with humans.
I’m happy and curious and enjoying my new life.

Cattitude Level

  • Shy, gentle, tentative
  • Not really sure yet. I’m still learning about this cat

Interests and Hobbies

Hi I’m Dixie and I’m super fluffy and my foster parents say I’m super cute.
I’m the the most outgoing of my siblings and I’m getting the hang of this new life.
I’m super curious and love playing with the toys my foster family have gotten us.


I’m pretty chilled but still getting used to humans.

Purrfect Home

I think I’d adapt well to any home given time but I have only every been with my mum and siblings so far.

Health Notes

Dixie has no known health issues and seems like a perfectly healthy little girl.