Delyth – at the Rainbow Bridge

🌈 A hello and a goodbye 🌈

Late last week, we took a cat out of the pound who reportedly had a large cyst on her stomach. The closer we looked, the more sinister it seemed, and sure enough when we got Delyth to the vet, the cyst turned out to be cancer.

It was sadly so advanced that treatment wasn’t an option, so the decision was made to give her one last special day, a day of being loved and pampered, before she went over the rainbow bridge.

One of our lovely foster carers took Delyth in to give her all the love and snuggles and treats she could handle for that one day. It was the sort of day we wish she had been able to have more of in her life.

Delyth is out of pain now, and we won’t forget her – we wanted to share her story with you as well so others can know her and remember her. 🧑