Dahlia IF020-18

Rescued9 Apr, 2018
Date of Birth*1 Aug, 2017
Adoption Fee$190.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Dahlia is a tiny all black female DMH. With black whiskers, nose and bright yellow eyes she is stunning to look at. In the light her chest and stomach hair has a tinge of brown

Known History & Temperament

Dahlia was part of a little mini-cat colony that was being fed by someone living in a block of flats. She and the other kitties began to be brought to the pound in March 2018, in dribs and drabs. Due to her rough start, Dahlia can be skittish and scared until you gain her trust. This is likely to take a long time, months at least. However once you gain her trust she becomes the most loving and sweet companion

It took 8 months with her current foster carer to go from hiding and hisses to cuddles in bed each morning and evening. But she is absolutely worth the wait!

She is still very scared of sudden movements and noises and will likely never be a lap cat.

Interests and Hobbies

Dahlia loves to play, mostly on her own though and without an audience. She loves chasing balls or playing zoomies on the tiles, or playing footsie under a door or bed with her big fluffy cat brother.

She absolutely loves pats and scratches on her chin and ears and will demand pats until your hand falls off. She will give teeny little love bites if you stop to rest for too long. Touching her on the tummy is %100 off limits, as is picking her up. But this is something her carer is working on.

Dahlia loves being with other cats when her human isn’t around.


She seems rather fearful of men at this stage.

Purrfect Home

For Dahlia, a quiet home without too much noise or fuss would be best. Dahlia would not do well with young children or dogs but will require at least one other cat friend she can bond with, especially if the owner will be working a lot of hours.

Any future adopter will have to understand Dahlia’s timid nature, and commit to gaining her trust for however long it takes before even being able to touch her.

Health Notes

Dahlia is a healthy fluffy little girl.