Cricket IF022-23

Rescued30 Mar, 2023
Date of Birth*28 Jan, 2023
Adoption Fee$250.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Cricket is a stunning short hair female kitten. The tortoiseshell pattern on her fur is one to be admired, creams, blacks, browns and orange all over, absolutely beautiful. Cricket also has a big black stripe down the left side of her nose making her nose half pink half black.

Known History & Temperament

Cricket was rescued with her family from an unsafe industrial area. Her two brothers have been adopted and her mum is being rehabilitated for adoption. Cricket and her sister Little Foot are waiting for their turn to find a home.

Cricket loves to play, she’s sassy and will give you a bath if you let her. She loves her sister and gets along well with the other household cats. She still thinks the dog is a bit spooky, but just hisses and runs away when she gets to close. She was very shy and scared to start but has really opened up to be a lovely kitten.

Cattitude Level

  • Loves snuggle time, but also ‘alone’ time

Interests and Hobbies

Cricket loves playing with her sister and running around being silly with her. She is also an avid aquarium enthusiast – she loves watching the fish swim. Loves a pat but often thinks it’s playtime.


Is shy at first and can be spooked by quick movement.

Purrfect Home

An ideal home would be somewhere that can also take her sister. However, a quiet home with teenage children or a confident cat friend would be good as well.

May not be suitable for young children as she can be spooked by quick movements and can nip (not hard) when being patted as she gets over-excited.

Health Notes

Cricket is a healthy young girl.