Please help ~ Costly Cats campaign

We need help

It’s that time of year again, except a little earlier than it was last year. We are asking for donations to help with our mounting vet bills, which have grown particularly nasty in the last few months due to some very costly kitties.

Since December 2022, we have had $4936.91 in EXCESS vet bills – this means bills we’ve acquired on top of the basic vet care (desexing, microchipping & two F5 vaccinations) all IFR kitties get – for the cats listed below alone (we won’t tell you about the rest).

Our current costly cats

💐 WILMA – our old girl gave her forever carer a scare earlier this year. We spent $498.20 getting Wilma through her challenging moment, and she fought to live another day scaring vet clinic employees all over the place (our Wilma does have a bit of a reputation that precedes her … ).

💐 MR MOONLIGHT – we have recently welcomed a new tabby boy into the IFR family, and he arrived with an injured tail that had been treated at a different vet. He needed ongoing care after leaving the pound, and so far his care has cost $598.50.

💐 MAEVE – our challenging girl who suffered a degloving injury prior to arriving in foster care, has had her ups and downs again so far this year. She came down with another really bad urinary infection, and her treatment has cost $967.85 between December and now – not including the cost of her other needs, such as her urinary diet.

💐 IZUMI – she is another of our kitties who has ongoing vet costs. She arrived in foster care emaciated, and has some ups and downs since that have required medications to treat. Since December, we have had $492.86 worth of vet bills for her.

💐 DOUGLAS – this guy had a bit going on after he was rescued from the pound. He needed a bit of dental work, and so far he has cost us an extra $984 on top of his standard vet work.

💐 LOLA & KITTENS – This poor mum came to us in a less than ideal state, having been struggling outdoors to feed her babies, and becoming very skinny herself. She’s had some bad infections, and her kittens have had some ups and downs as well. Altogether, this little family has cost $1395.50 (and that doesn’t even include their basic vet work).

Other factors

🌈 Sadly we have also had a couple of kitties who have passed away after having costly vet work. We had hoped that ARTHUR and MARMALADE (a girl who was with us very briefly before her end-stage cancer diagnosis came back) would have much happier stories than they did. ðŸ˜­

All of the above isn’t helped by the fact that adoptions are quite slow at the moment, meaning we are struggling to recoup any of our costs through adoption fees.

A thank you gift for one donor

For the above reasons, we are putting out this call for donations. To say THANK YOU to those who donate, we would love to put every donor of $2 or more into a draw to receive a prize pack worth $199. The prize consists of:

  • Catit Pixi Water Fountain – $74
  • Wander Small Soft Carrier – $49
  • Novelty Lion Cat Scratcher – $15
  • Lion Cat Tunnel – $10
  • Curious Box – $25
  • Paws Lick N Mat – $13
  • Greenies Treats – $8
  • Dine Creamy Treats $5

    TOTAL VALUE: $199.00

We thank our donors for your ongoing support! 

Where to donate

Donations can be made to:

  • Account Name: Impound Feline Rescue
  • BSB: 633 000
  • Account Number: 160368064
  • Bank Ref: Costly Cats

🛑 Don’t forget to use the bank reference “Costly Cats” so we can include you in the prize draw!


ℹ️ Donations of ðŸ’²2 or more are tax deductible! If you would like a tax receipt, fill in the form at the bottom of our Donate page.

How else can I help?

There are plenty of other ways to help us:

  • Foster a cat – we have a lot of cats needing foster care right now
  • Adopt a cat or kitten! We already have lots of beautiful kitties available. Check out our Adopt menu on this website
  • Check out the Help IFR menu on this website for other ways to help, including Containers for Change, P&N Bank, and sponsoring a cat for adoption