Clover & Penelope – foster care needed

We are seeking foster care for this pair of kitties. We have until the end of August to find care, and we have been looking for a while now – their current foster carer, a veterinarian, has been looking even longer.

Their story:

Penelope and Clover are a mum daughter senior duo who recently moved to Perth from NSW after their previous owner had to leave the country at short notice. They had a rough start to life after being attacked by a swarm of bees when Clover was only a few weeks old.


Beautiful grey calico, female desexed, 10 year old and in good health having had a recent teeth clean.

Penelope is a sweet and friendly girl, very affectionate, chatty, and loves to be patted. She enjoys spending her time basking in the sun and sleeping on the bed cuddled up with her daughter Clover. Strictly indoor only, to go to a cat loving home without other pets or kids as she prefers the quiet life.

Must go as a pair with her daughter Clover.


Shiny black coat, female desexed, 8 year old in good health.

Clover is a shy girl and takes time to get to know her carers. Once she has become familiar with her home and family she is affectionate and enjoys being gently patted. She loves cuddling up to her mum Penelope and sleeping in warm places. Clover is indoor only, new home to be with a kind feline loving person, without kids or other pets. Female owner preferred as appears to be frightened of men.

Must stay together with her mum Penelope.

If you are able to help this pair, please visit our Foster page (or Adopt page!) to apply.