Words fom Cindy’s adopter:

Hi, We have three male cats at home, who are all very loving and playful. I’m cat obsessed, as our cats have really comforted our family through some difficult times, and I really wanted to adopt a female cat. It’s easy to get a cute adorable kitten, but who takes the stray female mummy cats after a litters gone? We wanted a little mummy who’d had a tough time. Along came Cindy cat, beautiful dark coat and white paws. She was extremely timid, as she was originally a street cat and was mainly used to living in foster homes with other cats, so we knew she’d be okay with our three boys.

When Cindy first came to us, she would hide under the furniture and only come out at night to eat and toilet. We didn’t see her for days at a time, but I knew her food was missing, as she was in her own room.

It’s been a bit of a wait and see game with Cindy. We’ve treated her with love and patience. If anyone got to see her eat it was like spotting an exotic animal. She’s mainly stayed in her room. As the time has passed she has become friendly with our cats and started rubbing on them, she has one cat, Stormy, that she’s particularly attached to. They love to sit together, lick each other’s faces and look out the window. All the cats have accepted that Cindy’s a shy cat and they enjoy interaction with her when she wants to. Little by little with food treats, (Cindy loves chicken and bacon), she started rubbing on our legs when all the cats are being fed together. We couldn’t be happier. She now lets us pat her, although she’s still timid and ducks under furniture, when she’s had enough.

Cindy came to us about 8 months ago, every day, we all spend some time patting her, recently we’ve had our biggest break through, the cat whisperer in our family, our son, has managed to get her to play with cat toys. She is so timid we never thought she would relax enough to play like a normal kitty. Today I had my best surprise I heard a tapping noise and discovered she was playing with a cat ball by herself.

She has made huge progress, we are so happy with her, and with time look forward to her maybe just maybe sitting on one of our laps. We adore her and I’d like to say thank you to all the workers at Impound Feline Rescue for saving Cindy and the support they’ve given us. She’s a timid cat, but she’s sure been worth saving. It’s benefitted everyone in our home to have the perseverance and patience with a timid cat, and we’re sure glad we’ve given her a chance at a forever home.

Karen & Cindy cat.